Resiliencia terrenal
Como reparar un mundo roto

* Trabajo en desarrollo.

Consumerism leads to use and discard. Objects are substituted at the first signs of deterioration. But for some societies, this attitude is unacceptable: sensitive people choose to repair instead of abandon. It’s a philosophy of life.

At a large scale, what we are doing with our planet?
The question is if we are willing to restore our home place instead of abandon it and search for a new place to conquest, carrying with us our destructive and careless behavior. That would be another kind of consumerism, and the worst.

I’m not a detractor of progress, but I think that first of all, resources should be employed to care for what’s more important for Humankind.
Or is this world less important than we think? A disposable thing? How many “worlds” would be enough?

Kintsugi, a very antique Japanese technique, can teach us how to mend what is broken, and to give appreciated objects a new life, embellishing them through their visible scars. And somehow, they get stronger.

Earth is a not an object to take profit from: it’s a living entity, and we shouldn’t be its parasites.
We have to be grateful, and when It needs to be healed, we are the responsible ones to mend our own mistakes.

If there is a to be a change of paradigm, it should be in the humanities rather than in science. Hope is the only answer. Will is the only tool. Love, compassion and empathy are the triggers that can make us awake.

It’s time to mend cracks, to cauterize fissures, to make bonds and to learn about resilience through a Kintsugi of life, taking the Earth in our hands with loving care. It’s all we have; it’s all we are.

Roberto Fernández Ibáñez

About the technique

I pursue coherence between the idea of restoring the world and the process employed in this series. As Kintsugi is a manual process, I put my hands in each photographic piece to encompass the expected patience and care to mend fragile things.
Handmade cliché-verre with soot, printed in Silver gelatin paper, then contact printed on FB Silver gelatin Fiber Base paper, gold pigment applied by hand.

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